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Employee Wealth and Workplace Leadership

Employee wealth is not based on education level, it is base on the leadership style they work under.

There are companies that pay rock bottom wages. These companies have low quality leadership that produces low efficiency employees. Low efficiency is the result of a few at the top making all the decisions and everyone else follow orders. This is a non-learning environment. Because employees only follow orders, they do not learn the skills it takes to accumulate wealth.

There are companies that pay top wages. These companies have high quality leadership that produces highly efficient employees. High efficiency is the result of responsibility at all levels. Responsibility requires continuous learning, developing skills that increase efficiency. This is a learning environment. Because all employees are searching for efficiency, they learn the skills it takes to accumulate personal wealth while increasing the wealth of their company.

I worked most of my life in a company that had quality leadership and paid top wages. This website is a summary of that experience.

During my career as machinist, three of my shop foremen were millionaires. Three of my journeymen coworkers owned airplanes. I had a 50-foot ketch that I designed, self-built and sailed half way around the world. None of my coworkers, that I am aware of, graduated from a technical college. They may or may not have finished high school. They may or may not have completed a formal apprentice program. I did not finish high school and I did not go through a formal apprentice program. I started out in companies that paid rock bottom wages and advanced by job hopping to hardhat machinist diver making top wages. Craftsmen that I worked with achieved wealth because it was the company's policy that all employees be decision makers and assume responsibility. This success training spilled over into our personal lives.

Learning to accumulate wealth is not learned in the classroom, it is learned in the workplace, under high quality leadership. People working under low quality leadership may never earn enough for a comfortable living no matter what their education level.

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