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Theme High Schools

The typical high school student has no career direction and does not know what their true capabilities are. This is because high schools do not promote career paths or inspire clearly defined direction, especially for vocational talented students. This leaves students vulnerable to outside influences that lead to rebellion, drugs and crime, to name a few. Much of this could be avoided with active career training in our high schools.

Theme high schools increase the influence the education system has on students, especially those that are in conflict with the system. This eliminates career discrimination that now takes place, vocational versus college. The goal is to help students discover their natural talent and inspire a vision of the person they want to be. This is highly motivating.

The first year of high school is not too early to start career planning. For many, a visible goal can inspire motivation. Motivated students are learning machines. This would encourage many would-be dropouts to stay in the system and develop a skill. If they did drop out, they would have some direction and knowledge of a career to pursue in a different learning environment. This experience would be weighed against negative influences in their lives.

Education Based on Self-discovery Education Based of SAT Testing
  • Education by inspiration and motivation.
  • Develops a love to learn.
  • Develop lifetime learning habits.
  • Learns how to learn.
  • Discovers natural talent and interest.
  • Intelligence is based on unique ability.
  • Discovers true potential.
  • Education by memorization.
  • Turns off the desire to learn.
  • Turned off to learning environments.
  • Learns how to be taught.
  • Discovery of natural talent and interest is limited to intellectuals only.
  • Intelligence is based on academics ONLY.
  • True potential is not discovered.

The Need for Different Learning Environments

Every parent wants to see their child excel, but the one-education-system-for-all is preventing all students from developing their true potential. For simplicity, I put natural talent in two groups, intellectual and non-intellectual, (mechanical, technical, etc.). These two groups, in the same classroom, are preventing each other from developing their true potential. Academic standards have to be lowered so as not to fail too many non-intellectuals. Non-intellectuals, who do not measure up to academic standards, are labeled failures, and self-fulfilling prophecy does the rest. Students accept the belief that they have low intelligence, because there is no learning opportunity that is in harmony with their natural talent. No one can engage in self-discovery and develop it, if there is no opportunity. Self-discovery opportunity is offered to intellectual talented students ONLY.

If parents understood how these two groups, in the same classroom, work against each other, they would rise up and start a revolution.

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