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Drugging Students to Accept the Status Quo

Society is now drugging our youth with behavior control pills, nulling the skill that makes them creative. They learn to accept the status quo. This new generation may make a comfortable living, but they will have lost the ability to be an innovator. Soon, America will have a generation of people who can earn "A's" in the classroom, but have no vision in the real world.

Drugs do not address underlining problems, they change current behavior by slowing brain activity, while letting the original problem simmer. Somewhere in life this suppression will explode with destructive results. In the adult world, dependency on drugs kills ambitions. There is no free ride to success.

Our society values academic achievement above all other skills. In the classroom, creativity, love-to-learn, accepting risk, learning from failures, motivation, and aggressiveness are replaced by dependency on authority, indifference, embracing the status quo, and accepting the follow-the-crowd mentality. Behavior control drugs are forcing students to accept the teachers' view of success while destroying the next generation of entrepreneurs.

The Roman Empire was built by very intelligent people. They developed technology that allowed them to control the known world. They were also wealthy, which led to their downfall. For example, they love to drink wine and wine for the wealthy was stored in lead bottles. Slowly, over generations, they were poisoned by lead in the wine. Their creativity was subdued, their desire-to-learn was turned off and finally they feared risk. When indifference replaced innovation, they were easily conquered by people using low technology weapons

During the teen years, it is difficult to tell the difference between an achiever (like Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Wright Brothers') and a non-achiever. Both types are bored in the classroom and refuse to participate in academic studies. Today’s society believes, wrongly, that "only college educated people find success." Parents want their children to succeed. Now there are behavior control drugs to force students to act like the teacher wants them too.

Parents are pressured into drugging aggressive children. Aggressive students, who would have succeeded in the real world, are reduced to depend on drugs, depend on the system, be content with taking orders, accept indifference, and accept the status quo. Society is now increasing the flow of dependent people into the workforce when businesses need people that are free of dependency, can learn new skills without dependency on instructors, and are independent creative thinkers. Tomorrow’s entrepreneurs are being drugged out of existence.

There is a fine line between legal drugs to control behavior, and illegal drugs that make people feel good. The users of illegal drugs are content to live in a world of artificial highs. Today’s society is teaching children to live in a world of artificial highs with legal drugs. They may get passing grades in school and land their first job. This may be the end of benefits and the beginning of destruction. In the real world, taking pills to solve problems does not solve anything; it delays them until they explode.

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