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The Case for Education Reform

A one system for all is not feasible.

All of us have interest that is different from everyone else. We want others to be interested in our interest while others want us to be interested in their interest. No two people will have identical interest. To compensate, we socialize with similar interest and distance ourselves from others.

What happens in the classroom? All students must take an interest in instructors' interest and the instructor has little interest in students' interest. This is contrary to human nature.  What about students who have strong interest that is different? They take no interest in the instructor and are labeled failures and considered outcast. Does, NOT taking an interest in instructors' interest mean they can't learn? Our society seems to think so. Because there is no primary focus, most teenagers do not have a vision of the person they want to be. In time, their social environment influences their lifestyle, which could be productive or destructive.

Political powers are implementing laws that require schools, staff and students to focus on standardized testing. Test scores do not motivate or inspire visions of being an achiever. This policy does just the opposite by increasing boredom in the classroom. Boredom increases the number of students that are in conflict with classroom environments. In time, they GIVE UP.

The student population is exploding while qualified teachers are leaving the system. It takes an experienced teacher, with curriculum freedom, to inspire a motivating vision in students. This is what made America an economic powerhouse.

Today, political leaders need to show educational progress while maintaining a amply supply of teachers. In today's environment, this can only be done with standardized test. Teaching to test does not require a high level of training. Anyone who can follow directions can do this. With this qualification, political leaders will have enough teacher applicants to meet the demand while giving the IMAGE that students' are getting a quality education.

As a result of smoke and mirrors by political controlled education systems, the percent of teenagers trying to be a better student is shrinking. The percent of students that give up, are growing. Students not supporting classroom boredom are labeled failures, considered outcast, and self-fulfilling prophecy is proving everyone right.

What if students had tall ship opportunity? --- "Ocean sailing is an educational platform where the curriculum is controlled by nature. The crew and ship must work in harmony with nature. When under way, there is the never-ending task of learning how the interaction of the vessel reacts with fluid dynamics and the atmosphere. The crew becomes comfortable with cause and effect, as well as persistence, endurance, patience, and courage; attitudes that are almost impossible to teach in a classroom." Excerpt from Tall Ships and Motivation. --- The right project can motivate anyone to excel.

Facilitate the learners' learning experiences and they take ownership of their learning environment. They become learners who are interested in improving themselves and others.

Today's education system is controlled by politicians, textbook industries, testing companies, unions and money. Now the drug industry has entered the market with behavior control pills. These industries are promoting a single goal, based on their view of success... "Academic excellence for everyone by the age of eighteen." This noble goal is contrary to man's natural learning ability and is destructive for many teenagers.

The education industry and their view of a success personality, is destroying the potential of many teenagers who should be focusing on their natural talent. But... Who can argue against high academic standards? Society has bought the education establishment's belief that every teenager can, and must, learn academics in passive classroom environments before given opportunity. Because society has accepted the industry's version of a success personality, the education monopoly is gaining strength and the high school dropout problem is growing. It is in the industry's interest to keep all students, including non-performers, in the system and under their control. With no opposing forces, society has embraced the opinion that academic achievement is the ONLY path to success. For some they are right, for others they are wrong.

Uniting Principles Eroded

"Education once taught universal truths, including the pre-eminence of the American way of life, honesty, hard work, values that did not conflict with what was mostly lived out at home, personal responsibility, knowledge and wisdom. Today's government schools serve as laboratories and training grounds for self-centered view of man and indoctrination centers for people who would promote ideologies and behaviors that once believed to be the antitheses of truth."

By Cal Thomas - Part of editorial from Post and Courier, Charleston, SC, USA, November 29, 2000.

While the typical workplace is replacing mass production with pride, the education system is replacing pride with mass production.

My Experience

I found success by developing my natural talent with projects, searched for opportunity that motivated me, learned how to learn without dependency on instructors, and learned how to process knowledge. Academic skills were acquired, as I needed them.

First, it took years to overcome low self-esteem barriers that society placed on me as a teenager. At the age of 27, I helped crew a 36-foot sailboat from Hawaii to Los Angeles. That experience, with the association of crewmembers, gave me positive self-esteem and the courage to take on projects that allowed me to live the lifestyle of my teenage dreams. With new confidence, I found employment opportunity that supported an adventure's lifestyle. (See my website "Captain Bob's Ports of Paradise.") I credit my success to the use of projects, interactive learning methods, and the ability to learn without instructors. This led to the habit of continuous learning, which is a requirement for attracting opportunity with employers or survival in high-risk adventure.

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