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Part 3 - At-risk Youth

How at-risk youth can develop a productive life style.

The At-risk Student may be a Genius
Today, pressure is on all students to stay in school no matter how strong the failure label becomes. Students being told they are a failure five times a day, five days a week, will develop low self-esteem that will do more harm than a diploma will do good. Self-fulfilling prophecy will seal their fate. Dropouts that become achievers, will spend ten to fifteen years of persistent effort to overcome their negative self-esteem. Most adults can't escape negative self-esteem because they accepted the failure label that was placed on them as teenagers.
At-risk Students Who Find Success How & Why?
There is a small percentage of at-risk teenagers who fall through the education system cracks, dropout and succeed, some becoming self-made millionaires. To rise above the crowd requires the ability to acquire and process knowledge. Successful people, who were labeled at-risk by the education system, use projects to develop valuable skills.
Teenagers Dilemma  
Thomas Edison's short stay in the classroom was a disaster. His mother pulled him out and gave him a workshop so he could develop his natural talent at his own pace; she was not concerned about academics.
Barriers to Motivation
Parents that build barriers compared to parents that remove barriers.
Starting a Career at the Bottom
The blue-collar world offers high paying careers for high school dropouts - $40,000 to $70,000
Employee Wealth and Workplace Leadership
Employee wealth is not based on education level; it is based on the leadership style they work under.


Teenagers Dilemma 

Processors and collectors of knowledge.

Visionary Students versus Non-Visionary Students

Desire to Excel

Products of Our Education System

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