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Part 1- Learning with Projects

The right project can motivate anyone to excel.
Learning with responsibility - Responsibility is motivation.

An alternative to academic base education

Learning with projects Classroom environments require students to take an interest in instructors programs. In high school, there is little opportunity for students' interest to be recognized or be developed. As a result, many students, whose interest are out of harmony with the classroom take no interest in what instructors are trying to do. CONFLICT! Students then GIVE UP, are labeled failures and are considered social outcasts.

Project Based Education can offer alternatives that can redirect rebellious attitudes into productive skills.

The Boy Scouts Eagle Award is based on learning with projects. A job applicant with an Eagle Scout Award in his résumé is high on the consideration list.

Natural Learning Environments
We all start life with a love to learn, we are curious, we will take risk and try everything, we have no fear. We have a natural desire to explore, discover and learn about life. There are no barriers in the world of young adventures. This is nature’s way to motivate us to learn.
Project Based Education
The concept is based on what interest and motivates the student. Because the instructor cannot customize lesson plans for each student, he must implement student responsibility. It becomes the student's responsibility to develop and research projects and develop a plan of action. The instructor acts as a coach or facilitator. Instructors take an interest in students' projects instead of students having to take an interest in topics handed down by administrators.
Projects are Learning Tools that Inspires
When faced with a challenge, man has the power to learn without instructor. This is how Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and thousands of other highly successful people became educated.
Tools of People Who Love to Learn
People who love to learn do not depend on classrooms for knowledge; they develop a learning style that is in harmony with their learning personality. They develop learning tools that works for them. Learning by doing leads to above average opportunity and wages.
Self-Education Learning Without Instructors
It is possible for man to educate himself without help or support from others. In fact, when we learn the art of self-education (learning how to learn versus how to be taught) we will find, if not create, opportunity to find success beyond our wildest dreams.

Motivation Tool Chest

Mission: To inspire a dream and fulfill it
Without a dream, nothing will happen
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