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Workplace Leadership Trends

Technology is bringing a change in leadership styles. Leadership methods of the last century are extremely inefficient in the fast changing technology world. Motivating environments are needed on the frontline with people who assume responsibility and exercise leadership. To attract and keep this type of person, the work environment must inspire and exploit employee capabilities.

Southwest Airlines - 1995

Southwest Airlines is an excellent example of social invention that helps people discover their true capabilities. The social environment combines humor with responsibility. Employees work in teams without outside supervision. At job interviews, the prospective employee must show a sense of humor along with other self-development attitudes. Only those that match the ridged personnel profile are hired. The result is a highly motivated, efficiency work environment that attracts customers. The facts speak for themselves. (As of 1995)

Southwest Airlines is growing and other airlines have noticed. They are trying to implement worker responsibility programs of their own. The choice is, move decision-making responsibility to the front-line or go out of business. The days of command-and-control leadership are over.

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