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Part 2 - Workplace Education

Power learning is the ability to learn without dependency on instructors. (Self-education)

Formal training is time consuming and costly. Employees who developed the habit of learning additional skills without instructors are valuable assets to the company. This is possible in natural learning environments.

The opportunities and successful projects I had in my life are the result of my ability to educate myself. I also had a love to learn, but not in the classroom. About my opportunities and projects.

Team Responsibility

Teams unite responsibility with learning opportunity. The team acquires and shares knowledge for finding the best way to complete jobs efficiently.

Team Intelligence

Efficiency of Responsibility
Opportunity with decision-making responsibility is the only way to discovery true capabilities of employees and the workplace as a team.
Efficiency of Learning Opportunities
Employees with learning opportunity are developing skills to accumulate wealth for their employer. This also gives employees opportunity to apply these skills to their lives, thereby, creating wealth for themselves. Employees under control leadership do not have this opportunity, they just follow orders.
Survival during an Economic Downturn  
Dramatic changes are taking place in the workforce. People who embrace new technology are discovering new opportunity while those who fight it are not fully aware of the fundamental changes taking place in our society.
Sudden Opportunity
How self-education skills open doors to opportunity.


The typical job is based on repetitive action with limited need for additional knowledge. Repetitiveness can be one hour or one month, white-collar or blue-collar, and is based on accepting the status quo. Status quo work environments make it difficult to adapt new technology. The US textile industries had to shut their doors because techniques were outdated and the work environment would not allow change.  Emerging technology is shorting the time window when current technology is feasible.  Today's work environments must adapt to change.

Motivation Tool Chest

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