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Motivation in the Workplace

Leadership style, skills, expanded learning opportunity, equals productivity.

21st century workplace leaders are visionaries with the ability inspire and motivate. They are not only product visionaries; they are leadership visionaries who invent entirely new ways of organizing human effort.

Workplace of the Future
The future workplace will be a lifetime education center/learning experience. The results; employees will learn how to create wealth for their employer and themselves. This is achieved by developing a love to learn.
Part 1 - Workplace Leadership
In many of today's work environments, employees primary goal is quitting time and payday. Leaders priorities are power, control and maintaining the status quo. Getting the job done is down the list. Once needed skills are mastered and employees follow established procedures, the job offers little or no challenge. The unwritten law, "accept the way things are or leave."
Part 2 - Workplace Education
Change equals challenge which is the source of motivation, workplace efficiency and job security. Because of fast changing trends and technology, work environments are evolving into continuous challenges. Responsibility is moving to the front line where it becomes the workers' responsibility to find the best way to get the job done, not management alone. For this to succeed, the front line must have continuous learning opportunity, be in a continuous learning mode and be continuously adapting to new technology.
Part 3 - Work Environment Notes
Notes based on my experiences and my analyses of these experiences.

Who has the efficiency advantage?

Below are two warriors who will complete the job, but at what efficiency level? Each works under a different leadership style that is based on organization leadership priority, worker responsibility or command-and-control? These priorities produce different results, sometimes opposite, and cannot be considered equal. The organization's priority determines its leadership style.

Efficiency under worker responsibility.

Efficiency under worker responsibility!... People who are first aware of elementary problems have full authority to prevent or solve them while the problem is minor. Management is not involved with them, they are focused on new trends and technology. Management's priority is to GET THE JOB DONE.

Efficiency under command-and-control leadership

Efficiency under command-and-control leadership!... The front line does not have authority to solve or prevent elementary problems - they must go through management before authority to take action is granted. Some of these problems pile up and become a never - ending burden on the front line while other problems grow until they explode, at which time they are recognized. Management is preoccupied with the exploding elementary problems. Management's priority is CONTROL.

Decision-making responsibility and learning opportunity work together. If an employer wants employees to assume responsibility and make quality decisions, they must organize in a way that offers learning opportunity.
Worker Leadership by Fred Stahl

Worker Leadership
by Fred Stahl

Mr. Stahl has case studies about the success of worker leadership (worker responsibility.)  My website is based on my experiences, but to fully understand the concept you need to read how managers converted command-and-control leadership style to worker leadership. One line in the book sums up the concept, "Dick Kleine merely set the vision and removed barriers for everyone in the organization, and that released their energy to accomplish amazing things." Bob Webb

Published by Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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