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Team Motivation is Team Education

A team that shares knowledge will become motivated while expanding their knowledge. Take away the sharing of knowledge, the team will no longer be a team, members will no longer be knowledgeable and constructive motivation will be gone.

True teams develop into a knowledgeable work force, which is highly effective for leaders who allow subordinates to be stronger than themselves. These leaders consider their subordinates as an investment, that is, additional training increases their value. By using the investment concept, many opportunities become available for increasing efficiency. If employees are considered a cost, that is, "training is not cost effective," opportunity for increasing efficiency is limited.

Many leaders limit subordinates learning opportunity because they want undisputed control. They want employees to follow orders and not have an opinion - it is job security for leaders. Control policies make it difficult for talented employees to be recognized. Worker responsibility makes early recognition possible because coworkers are first to recognize talent. This is why companies with true empowerment programs find all the talent.

Team education is the most powerful education system in the world.  Three motivated people debating pros and cons will learn extremely fast and have the power to overcome mountainous barriers regardless of their education background. Peer pressure is a powerful force.

People who share knowledge will increase their knowledge while motivating others. People, who only take orders, learn nothing. People, who only give orders, inspire no one.

Today's technology is a world of exploding information, which has a short life span. Skills for the current trend are needed now, not when an instructor is available to teach it. The ability to acquire skills, as new technology moves into the marketplace, is the secrete to being a leader. Because of fast moving trends, classroom instruction has limited value, it is too little too late. To take advantage of emerging trends, team education in the workplace can supply the needed knowledge NOW!

The Windjammer program teaches teamwork and the benefits of coaching versus orders. Not everyone can develop a high level of independence, but they can achieve powerful results in a team-motivated environment. The Microsoft Corporation was started by teenagers who pooled their knowledge to overcome impossible barriers.

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