Tall Ships & Self Discovery

Motivation and Leadership Training Aboard Tall Ships

By Captain Bob Webb

Tall ships inspire youth to develop leadership, team building, and problem solving skills where nature is the instructor and motivator.

In the past, windjammers (tall ships) were used for world discovery and conquest. Today they are used for self-discovery and self-conquest.

Experience aboard a tall ship inspires a vision that transcends into motivation that has the power to overcome ALL barriers.

Tall ships are natural learning environments, that teach and motivate participants to learn with nature as an instructor.

Program Purpose
Inspire a lifelong love to learn.
A love-to-learn will assure a productive lifestyle no matter formal education level.
A love-to-learn is achieved by discovery of natural talent and opportunity to develop it.

The Mission

Building character through adventure.

To develop a love to learn that lasts a lifetime. People who maintain a love to learn are the ones who change the world.

Exploring and discovery awakens our inner self, creating a desire to learn more about the world around us, setting in motion a vision. A vision is the source of all achievement.

  Pride of Baltimore entering Charleston Harbor, South Carolina
The Need for Self-Discovery
Many teenagers only experience is with asphalt, walls, high tech entertainment and the struggle for power to control others. They develop a relationship with a manmade world that is based on materialism and greed. They learn nothing about being in harmony with the forces of nature.
The Clipper Schooner
The Baltimore Clipper (sharp-lined hull) class of ships are rated the most beautiful sailing vessels ever built. Their beauty is a source of inspiration, with the ability of stirring lifelong dreams into action.
Teen Responsibility
I told the teenagers they had to assume full responsibility, including getting the ship ready for sailing, which included supplies, and they must assume full responsibility for the ship at sea. I will not intervene with their decisions even if it is bad, they had to learn from their mistakes. I will only intervened if the decision is too risky, which turned out to be rare.
Motivating Teenagers - How Sailing Programs Change Attitudes
Ocean sailing is an educational opportunity where the curriculum is controlled by nature. The crew and ship must work in harmony with nature. When under way, there is the never-ending task of learning how the interaction of the vessel reacts with fluid dynamics and the atmosphere. The crew becomes comfortable with cause and effect, as well as persistence, endurance, patience, and courage; attitudes that are almost impossible to teach in a classroom.
The Power of Teams - Team Motivation
The Windjammer program teaches teamwork and the benefits of coaching versus orders. Not everyone can develop a high level of independence, but they can achieve powerful results in a team-motivated environment. The Microsoft Corporation was started by teenagers who pooled their knowledge to overcome impossible barriers.
Elements of Successful Tall Ships
Community tall ships are successful when organized right. Charleston, SC in 2006, tall ship Sprit of South Carolina was launched. 2011 it was put up for sail. The organizers promoted it as a neat idea with no clear purpose and no supporting organization. People soon become tired of supporting a neat idea.
The Adventure at Charles Town Landing
This is a Charleston Tall ship where the promoters got it right. The museum was the supporting organization and the purpose was to show how early settlers arrived in South Carolina. The ship was designed to meet the theme of the organization.

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Without a dream, nothing will happen
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