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Liki Tiki Too

Sailing a dugout canoe 5,000 miles from Panama to Hawaii.

The Liki Tiki Story is available for download in PDF format.

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Trees the size needed to cross the Pacific Ocean were on the Panama, Columbia boarder. The only way to get to the people who could carve these large dugout canoes is to have your own transportation. There are no roads within a hundred miles. This is why large trees are still available. I made the 170 mile trip in my narrow 30-foot dugout seeking to acquire a beamy one.

The tide is 17-feet. The photo shows I went ashore at high tide on a rocky shore.

Carving the canoe in the Darien jungle of Panama.

Finishing the hull in the Panama Canal Zone.

Lowering to sea level in the locks of the Panama Canal. My folks, in the left photo, came to Panama to help with the project.

The sendoff.

Leaving Panama for Hawaii, 5,000 miles away.



The island is Malpelo, 300 miles south of Panama.





After 68 days, I arrived in Kahalui, Maui, Hawaii.

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