Captain Bob's Adventure Photos

My retirement years are at the top of the page. My youth years are near the bottom.

Trains of Colorado


Africa Safari


Cruising the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. 1988 - 1992

Chief Aptakisic

Canal Zone training schooner.

Men, Mud and Motorcycles

200 miles of jungle by motorcycle. 1975

Panama's Darien Jungle

Liki Tiki Too

Sailing a dugout canoe 5,000 miles from Panama to Hawaii. 1970
Building a Polynesian double-hull boat in Tahiti. 1965

Liki Tiki

Down Amazon River by Riverboat and Raft

1963 Adventure

Searching for Gold in the Jungles of Panama

Panama Carnival 1960s


Tahiti Dance 1965


Dugout Canoes and Rivers in Panama

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