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Down Amazon River by Riverboat and Raft, 1963

The Amazon River Adventure is available for download in PDF format. It is part of the "Liki Tiki Story" booklet.

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Going over the Andes Mountains by bus from Lima, Peru. The road crested at 15,000 feet. The snowcapped mountains towered even higher to 17,000 feet.

By sunset I arrived in a copper mining town of Oroya, 12,000 feet above sea level.

I traveled by train from Oroya to the next copper mining town Cerro de Passo.

Cerro de Passo, elevation 14,000 feet.

Going down the eastern side of the Andes Mountains.

Pucallpa, Peru and the arrival of Amazonas II

Amazon Riverboat Elisa, Pucallpa to Iquitos. This is the one I took.

Iquitos, Peru

Iquitos to across the river from Benjamin Constante, Brazil. The ship was from New York City, USA

Benjamin Constante, Brazil

Our Amazon River raft

We were out of food and firewood and the current of the 2 mile wide river kept us in the middle. The below boat rescued us and took us down river for two days to Porto Afonsos.

Porto Afonsos, Brazil. This is where we split up. Joe Brooks, Lander and Pedro took another boat down river and I flew out on a sea plane to Leticicia, Columbia.


1965 was my last contact with Joe Brooks. May 2002, Creighton Schlebach, in London, found this website and told me he knows Joe Brooks. He gave me his phone number and informed me he is living in South Africa. I called and we exchanged old memories.

Text version of Amazon River adventure.

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