Africa Safari Adventure

Photos by Bob Webb.

Bob and Joan Webb on the Equator in Uganda

For three weeks in February and March 2007, Joan and I went on safari to six wildlife reserves in Kenya and Uganda. We saw and photographed hundreds of wild animals.

Road Scholar and Holbrook Travel sponsored the trip. Alex Oloo, form Kenya, was the tour organizer and leader. All lodges were 5 star. Alex and the van drivers were highly knowledgeable about the parks and wildlife. I recommend this team to anyone who has an interest in African safaris.

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All wildlife photos were taken at the represented game reserve.

After 2 weeks in Kenya, Joan and I took an extended one-week tour to Uganda, sponsored by Holbrook Travel. Sandy was our driver and guide.

Nairobi, Kenya

Within hours of our arrival, we met with our Nazarene missionaries, Wellington and Hellen Obotte, and exchanged gifts.  Joan was in contact with them before we left.  They are currently serving in Dodomo, Tanzania.

After lunch we visited a giraffe reserve where visitors could get up close and personal.

We visited Karen Blixen's house and coffee plantation. The movie "Out of Africa" was made from the book she wrote.

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