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The Liki Tiki Project

Sailing Dugout Canoes Across The Pacific Ocean

How Did Polynesians Populate The Pacific Ocean?

[Water Color of first Hawaiians by Joseph Feher] About 2,000 years ago, Polynesians populated all the habitable islands from Hawaii, 5,000 miles south to New Zealand and from Tonga, 5,000 miles east to Easter Island. Dugout canoes with outriggers were the vessels used for these daring voyages. Today, people are still traveling between islands in dugout canoes. During 1970 I sailed a 36-foot dugout canoe with outriggers from Panama 5,000 miles to Hawaii. During 1989, an Argentina man sailed an open 18-foot dugout canoe from Panama, 10,000 miles to the Philippines.


The attached stories are about my experiences at attempts and success, to cross the Pacific Ocean in a dugout canoe.

The Challenge
  • Adventures in Tahiti - 1964
    Building Liki Tiki, a Polynesian double hull boat.
     Voyage of Liki Tiki Too- 1970
    Sailing a dugout canoe 5,000 miles from Panama to Hawaii.
    Polynesian Navigation
    My discovery of comfort zone navigation.
    Polynesian Boat Design
    Double hull boats were not ocean voyagers. Single hull with outriggers can cross oceans.
    How Polynesians Discovered Easter Island
    Easter Island is one of the most isolated islands on earth, over 1,000 miles from nearest land and 2,500 miles from Tahiti. Polynesians discover the island almost 2,000 years ago in large dugout canoes.
    Cruising in Dugout Canoes Today
    In the Tropic Zones of the world, the dugout canoe is the most popular form of water transportation. With and ax and adz, one man can fall a tree, carve a canoe in a few days. Add outrigger and sail, that person will have transportation built from the jungle that cost him nothing. In the Tropics, this form of transportation has been standard through all of history.
    Dugout Design and Construction
    At sea, size is not a safety factor, it is a comfort factor. Almost any boat can be safe at sea if you know its limits.
    Where to Start
    Central America is loaded with dugout canoes. For about $100, it is your choice for a 30-foot boat . Jungle rivers that connect to a single road, are the most likely locations to look. River farmers bring their produce to market by this route. In small villages, people are very friendly. If you tell them what you are doing, the whole village will help you.

    More Information at downloads - The Liki Tiki Story

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