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Photos that Motivate and Inspire

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Motivation Photos

pp 1.7 MB

Long Live My Friends

pp 3 MB

Tianmen Mountains in China

pp 3.8 MB

Glass Sky Walk in Tianmen Mountain China

pp 9MB

Fly Over Europe

pp 4.3 MB

Atlantis the Final Mission

pp 4 MB

Beaches in Color

pp 4.6 MB

Diving in Truki Lagoon

pp 4 MB

To Inspire a Dream and Fulfill It

What happens when we pursue a dream, goal?

pdf 44 pages 1.7 MB

Russian Tribute to USA

This is the "TEAR DROP" made and installed by the Russians to honor those who died in 9/11 and a statement against terrorism. It is very impressive. The tear drop is lined up with the Statue of Liberty.

pp 1.5 MB

Man in Space

pp 2 MB

Military Secrets

pp 2.4 MB

Ugly Airplanes

pp 2 MB

Marine Corps Quotes

Video 5.4 MB

WWII Aviation Art

pp 8 MB

A Real American hero!!!

Robert Howard, a Medal of Honor recipient.

Video 4 MB

Painted Walls

pp 4 MB

The Vietnam War

pp 4.5 MB

Naval Centennial Celebration 1911~2011

February 12th 2011 San Diego, CA

pp 6 MB

On a Wing and a Prayer

pp 7 MB

Unusual Cloud Formations

pp 1.5 MB

WW II Aviation Art

pdf 2.4 MB

Space Shuttle Landing
View from the Cockpit

Movie 6.4 MB

Early 1900s Photos

pp 5.6 MB

More Old Photos

pp 5.3 MB

Twin Towers Before and After

pp 6.5 MB

Empire State building under construction

pp 1.4 MB

Arizona Photos

pp 4.8 MB

Village in Afghanistan

pdf 1 MB

Submarine Attacks Destroyer

This film shows an Australian Submarine  doing a live torpedo practice shot on one of their decommissioned ships.
They used a Mk 48 torpedo developed in the USA . It is non nuclear and not a contact weapon.
It is designed to go off directly underneath the ship at about 50 feet under the keel.
The effect is devastating as you can see from the video. 3 MB

x x

Maltese Falcon

pp 4.4 MB

Wild and Wonderful

pp 3.1 MB

Good Old Days

pp 4.2 MB

Horse and Mule Power

pp 8.8 MB

Marines of FOX COMPANY

Movie 3.2 MB

French Alps

pp 4 MB

Voyage to the Center of the Earth

pp 4.5 MB

The Russian 2007 Air Show

pp 5.2 MB

The Bedford Aircraft Archive

pp 2.8 MB

Military Quotes with Pictures

pp 5 MB

Beautiful Pictures #1

pp 7 MB

Beautiful Pictures #2

pp 6.7 MB

Blue Beauty
Earth from Space

pp 1.8 MB

Old School Aircraft

pp 5.2 MB

The Wisdom in Hot Chocolate

pp 1 MB

Soldiers Survived in MRAP Vehicle

pp 8 KB

From the Air

pp 5 MB

Go Navy #2

pp 2.8 MB

45 Lessons in Life

pp 5 MB

BBQ Invite

This has surprises.
pp 2.6 MB

Veterans Day

pp 2.2 MB

Sights in the World
pp 4 MB

Visiting Marines on Iwo Jima

pdf 6 pages 900 KB

Russian Air Force Museum

pp 2 MB

Normandy Beach Photos June 1944

pdf 19 pages 2.8 MB

A Boat Trip Through Germany

pp 5 MB

Northern Lights over Teepees

pdf 10 pages 263 KB

Marine Quotes

On November the 10th 2009, the 234th anniversary of the birthday of the United States Marine Corps will be celebrated around the world.

Movie 5 MB

Blue Angles

pdf 9 pages 600 KB

World's Largest Everything

pdf 15 pages 677 KB

This is moving - must watch

Movie 4 MB

What an IDE looks like UP CLOSE

Movie 3.2 MB

Aerobatics by Kirby

Movie 6 MB

Afghanistan Roads & Travel

pdf 59 pages 5.5 MB

Apollo 11

First man on the Moon
July 20, 1969

pdf 17 pages 1.1 MB

USS Birmingham

First Aircraft Carrier

pdf 13 pages 3.8 MB

Orson Welles - Battle Hymn

This magnificent and wonderful piece of history, given by the riveting, mesmerizing Orson Welles will leave you thinking.

video 7 MB

Some interesting Military Photos

pdf 42 pages 5 MB

Seawolf Photos

pdf 9 pages 852 KB

The files listed below are in PowerPoint. The presentations are awesome, you must view them in this format. You can download a reader from Microsoft. It's free. The files listed below are in PowerPoint. The presentations are awesome, you must view them in this format. You can download a reader from Microsoft. It's free.

Old Planes

pdf 70 photos 4.5 MB 

1941 Army Song Book

pdf 33 pages 2 MB

German Bunkers

pdf 4 pages 524 KB

Japanese Naval History

Airfield under the sea.
pdf 7 pages 774 KB

USS Nebraska
SSBN 739

pdf 53 pages 6.3 MB

Flight 1547

Passenger rescue and plane recovery from Hudson River, January 19, 2009

Cars We Will never See Again

pdf 18 pages 1.8 MB

Then and Now

pdf 10 pages 1.28 MB

New British Sub

pdf 5 pages 472 KB

Baxter Black - Lucky To Be American

Video 4.7 MB

Military Humor

pdf 9 pages 1.23 MB

Pearl Harbor
December 7

pdf 9 pages 1.6 MB

German Air Force Paint Job

Some countries paint their fighter jets for special occasions and air shows.  Here are some examples of what fighter squadrons can come up with when allowed. All of these particular jets are from the German Air Force and are very Classy.

pdf 7 pages 1 MB

The World's Largest Container Ship

10 pages pdf 1.3 MB

Air Force Sergeants

At the Vietnam Memorial - Movie 3.8 MB

Doolittle Raiders Photos

23 pages pdf 5.7 MB

Inside the shuttle....way cool!!

Movie 6.5 MB

The files listed below are in PowerPoint. The presentations are awesome, you must view them in this format. You can download a reader from Microsoft. It's free.

Check Out this Russian Transport .... It's Huge!!

pdf 19 pages 2.9 MB

Space Station Photos

pdf 12 pages 2.8 MB

Navy & Aircraft News

pdf 11 pages 1.8 MB

  • Navy’s new F/A-37
  • Navy exercises in the Pacific
  • Boeing’s 1,000 passenger plane

Photo turns out to be bogus, click here for details.


C-17 Model

Be sure to view to the end, there is a surprise.
pdf 8 pages 1 MB

New York City

pdf 12 photos 1.48 MB

I will Fly Away

pdf 51 photos 4.12 MB
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