Adventures in Paradise

Captain Bob's Ports of Paradise

Everyone dreams of escaping to paradise. For some it is sailing off to the South Sea islands with swaying palms and white sand beaches. For others it is bicycling across Europe, or taking a trip around the world. We want our ideal two week vacation to last forever. We wish it could be our basic lifestyle. The fact is, it can be if we really want it. The difference between wishing and living it, is taking action to bust through barriers to make a desired lifestyle happen.

Changing Lifestyle's
How I made My Escape to Paradise. Tips for making your escape.
Paradise dream

Ocean Adventures

My first ocean voyage from Hawaii to Califorina
My First Ocean Voyage - 1962
Hawaii to California in a 36-foot sailboat.
Sailing dugout canoes across the Pacific Pcean 
The Liki Tiki Project - 1964 & 1970
Sailing Dugout Canoes Across The Pacific Ocean
Sailing the Hunky-Dory half way around the world.
Hunky-Dory -1988
My wife, Joan and I designed, self-build a 50-foot ketch and sailed the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans for three years. Joan wrote the attached letters while sailing the South Pacific.
Mr. Augusto Adrian
The most unforgettable character I have ever meet. He made it possible for me to acquire the huge dugout canoes (40 feet) for the Liki Tiki projects.
Ocean Cruising in Sailboats - What the experience will do for you.
 Ocean sailing is more than recreation, it is a learning platform, observation post, a transportation systems for awareness, and as delivery systems for understanding. All crew members, young and old alike, learn to take responsibility for the ship, for learning how to work it, for shipmates, and ultimately for themselves. They learn to trust themselves as well as others.



Jungle Adventures

Amazon River Raft
Amazon River - 1963
Down The Amazon River by Riverboat and Raft.
Crossing Panama's Darien Gap by Motorcycle - 1975
Driving a Rokon 2-wheel drive motorcycle through 200 miles of jungle between Panama and Columbia.
Mangrove Swamp 1968
A plane crashed in a Mangrove Swamp, Panama

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